What do we have to do to prepare for your arrival?

Please clear your personal things out of the bathroom.

Please make sure if you have dripping taps that they are repaired prior to us arriving.

How do I clean it after it’s done?

You will find the surface really easy to keep clean. The technician will explain this at the job but you can basically use any of the standard liquid bath cleaners with a white bathroom scouring sponge or cloth.

If I accidently damaged the bath can you repair it without having to redo the whole bath?

Yes. But this does depend on the extent of the damage. Small areas can be repaired invisibly, or we can even redo the whole bath if required.

Can I change the colour of my suite?

Yes, you can choose from a wide range of colours available.

Do we offer a warranty?

We offer a 5 year warranty for polishing tubs and shower trays which can be applied in the case of paint rupture or blistering.

The warranty does not cover mechanical damage, abrasions due to the use of improper cleaning materials and detergents, as well as discoloration, rust, limescale and hair dye.

The life expectancy of the painting is 6-8 years.

Renewed painting can be done at any time at customer's discretion.

Do I need to remove the taps?

No, we will cover all the surfaces that are not being re-enamelled.

How can I pay?

You can pay cash or by cheque.

Popular Packages


If your bath always looks dirty or worn and is rough to the touch, scratched or badly chipped, or perhaps the colour is no longer right!


We repair damage shower trays, saving you the time, hassle and money of replacing the tray.


Most basins are ceramic, porcelain, acrylic or enamel all of which can be resurfaced.


All types of cast iron enamel, acrylic, fibreglass and plastic baths and shower tray can be repaired and restored to a like-new condition.